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Empowering emerging vocal artists

Move from feeling disconnected into a deep awareness of your voice, so that you can experience a renewed joy in singing.

Are you struggling to connect to your own unique singing voice, live into your expressive identity as an artist, or grow your singing skills?

Are you wondering how to spend your time practicing and developing your voice?

Are you struggling to connect with people through your music?

Are you wondering how to maintain a healthy voice and body as a musician?

Are you anxious about performing?


With private online singing lessons, you’ll get personalized expert feedback and learn to develop your own unique singing voice, skills, and artistic expression.

Practice Strategies

You’ll learn how to spend your time practicing strategically so that you are consistently and measurably furthering your development as an artist.

Studio Workshops

Practice performing in studio workshops. You’ll learn how to transform anxiety into excitement through guided self-awareness and practice. As you grow your expressive singing skills, you’ll begin connecting with more people at your shows.


By focusing on your singing voice in lessons, you’ll start to feel better while you’re singing and learn how to live a healthier singing lifestyle with personal support and strategies.


Chelsea's my go-to vocal coach in the Denver area! As a singer/songwriter, it was so cool that Chelsea actually let me bring in my own songs to work on! It was so helpful to take voice lessons before heading into the studio to record vocals. We worked on giving reliable power to my belting voice, switching registers seamlessly, and breath control. I walked away with lots of tips and warmups to be successful in the studio and on the stage into the future - I couldn't recommend Chelsea more!

Spencer, Singer-Songwriter

Chelsea was a great instructor and she opened up my understanding of singing. I realized how much singing has to do with an increased awareness of the body. With just a few tweaks to my posture, where I'm drawing my breath/energy from, and an awareness of my tongue at the back of my throat, I heard improvements. I also found a lot of value in the warm up ideas she had as well as the warm up videos she provided in continuing my practice after the lessons.

Colin, Singer-Songwriter

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