Are you struggling to connect to your own unique singing voice, live into your expressive identity as an artist, or grow your singing skills?

Are you wondering how to effectively spend your time practicing and developing your voice?

Are you struggling to connect with people through your music?

Are you wondering how to maintain a healthy voice and body as a musician?

Are you anxious about performing?



With private online singing lessons, you’ll get personalized expert feedback and learn to develop your own unique singing voice, skills, and artistic expression.

Practice Strategies

You’ll learn how to spend your time practicing strategically so that you can consistently further your development as an artist.

Studio Workshops

Practice performing in studio workshops. You’ll learn how to transform anxiety into excitement through guided self-awareness and practice. As you grow your expressive singing skills, you’ll begin connecting with more people at your shows.


By focusing on your singing voice in lessons, you’ll start to feel better while you’re singing and learn how to live a healthier singing lifestyle with personal support and strategies.

Move from feeling disconnected into a deep awareness of your voice, so that you can experience a renewed joy in singing.

Empowering Emerging Vocal Artists

What's Included

1:1 Weekly Online Lessons

Work towards goals that are tailored to meet your needs. I’ll offer feedback and exercises to support your vocal development and growth as an artist. The length of lessons determines the depth that we explore each topic on a weekly basis. Singers who choose 1-hour lessons will receive additional weekly feedback and experience a deeper exploration of their own voice each week.

Membership Portal & Virtual Practice Room

All students have access to the membership portal which houses all scheduling, billing, and lesson records. Track your practice in your own private practice room where you have access to your assignments and lesson materials across all devices.

Lesson Notes

My notes for every lesson, detailing what we worked on, observations, and what to practice that week. For adults who do not choose to attend lessons with their children, lesson notes are a way for you to stay informed about each lesson and support their practice at home.

Instructional Videos

These videos explain how to use vocal exercises in your own practice. I explain the goals of each exercise and demonstrate how to sing them.

Mid-Week Feedback

Submit questions or recordings for me to respond to between our weekly lessons.

Lesson Recordings

Review your recorded lessons so that you understand your singing sounds as they connect to our feedback and discussion. The practice of listening to our own singing is an important skill for artists to nurture.

Online Lesson Rates start at $35.

Please contact for more pricing information.

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