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Voice Class: Level One

8-week group class
for singers ages 8-12

Set up a call to find available class times!

Class is held online

Session One:

Do you have a child who loves to sing?

Do you feel lost when it comes to music lessons, not knowing how to find the right music experience for your kids?

Do you have a busy life and have trouble envisioning yet another activity for your family?

In the Level One Voice Class,

Singers will learn:

  • How to sing and sign a scale in the tonic sol-fa (solfege) system

  • How pitches relate to each other

  • How to identify and write musical notation

  • How to read and sing melodies

  • How to name notes on the treble clef staff

  • Foundations of singing technique

  • How to sing new songs

  • How to feel confident about their voice

All while playing and having fun!

Wooden Piano


In a small group of up to 6 singers, students will get to engage with each other and get individualized instruction. At a lower cost than 1:1 instruction, this class delivers a rich curriculum and attentive instruction alongside other singers.


 Students will have opportunities to explore their singing in the comfort of a group. They will have opportunities to lead and gain confidence sharing their own voices. Each 8-week session will conclude in a performance for families.

Games & Workbooks

Student will use their own workbooks to complete written activities that support their musicianship. The workbooks are designed for singers their age to learn musical notation. During each class we will play games and practice what we learn!

Stay Informed

In my studio membership portal, families will receive weekly notes about each class. You’ll also get reminders about about upcoming classes and performances. Parents don't have to attend the classes to feel informed about what we are learning.


It can be hard for parents to keep track of their young musicians' practice routine. In this group class, students get lots of practice and reinforcement during our weekly sessions. While they are encouraged to sing outside of lessons, they shouldn’t feel like they’re falling behind if they don't.

What to expect


Welcome to class!


Composing melodies

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Stacy, studio parent


Playing games


Time to move and sing

Tuition: $199 for 8 weeks

Set up a call to find available class times!


I was shocked when I learned in my 9th grade year that my closest life-long friends never knew that I was a singer.


We had known each other for at least 10 years. We had sung at the top of our lungs in the car on road trips, at sleepovers, in elementary school Christmas plays, and in church. My mom was the choir director. I sang all the time. What did they mean they never knew I was a singer?!


The reality is that I was a pretty shy kid. I did sing a lot, but I never went out of my way to get solos. So while they had heard me sing, they had never thought of me as the solo singer. Ten years of friendship, and they had just learned this about me. (After I sang exactly one solo line in the school musical.)


Knowing now that I love to sing and that I love to teach singing, I sometimes wish that I had made this identity of mine known a little sooner. After all, I always thought of myself that way. Even with parents who were music educators and singers themselves, singing training wasn’t something that I got involved with until high school. I wish that I had an outlet in my elementary years to start learning about singing more formally.


Now as a voice teacher, I am so excited to be creating these opportunities for young singers! I don’t believe that children must wait to take singing lessons. Whether it seems like they have an innate singing talent or not, I really believe that singing is such an exciting skill that enriches the lives of everyone, including children. I also believe that if the interest is there, kids can learn to become better singers with appropriate nurturing and guidance. They don’t have to wait until they’re older.


In this group voice class, students will be introduced to foundations of singing. We start to learn about singing technique when we talk about how vowels and words are articulated. We learn about how to start harnessing your breath energy for singing. We set the foundation for learning how to sight sing music. We also learn to sing several age-appropriate songs and have a whole lot of fun along the way.


If your student is age 8-12 and has an interest in singing, I hope that you’ll consider this class for them. This class is for children who want encouragement and reinforcement to gain confidence in their singing. This small group class is great for children who enjoy learning with their peers. If your student has never had 1-on-1 lessons before, and you aren’t sure how they will handle that, this could be a great chance to see what voice lessons are like, in an even more relaxed and inviting setting.


This class is entirely virtual, with printable materials that you can use at home. The class will run live every week for 8 weeks, ending in a performance for families. 


If this sounds like it could be a good fit for your young singer, I hope that you’ll sign-up or contact me to learn more today. I can’t wait to meet the next group of young singers and get singing together!

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