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Vocal Coaching

Empowering Emerging Vocal Artists in Private Sessions and Groups

"Chelsea's my go-to vocal coach in the Denver area! ...I couldn't recommend her more!"

Are you a singer who is...

  • Looking for a vocal coach to teach and remind you of good habits.

  • Looking for new exercises to use in practice and warming up for a show.

  • Looking for ways to increase the impact of your singing.

  • Trying to grow your voice: lower, higher, louder, softer, etc.

  • Feeling confident in your ability to carry a tune, but you want to take your singing to the next level.

"With just a few tweaks... I heard improvements."

What you get:

"Chelsea's my go-to vocal coach in the Denver area! As a singer/songwriter, it was so cool that Chelsea actually let me bring in my own songs to work on! We worked on giving reliable power to my belting voice, switching registers seamlessly, and breath control. I walked away with lots of tips and warmups to be successful in the studio and on the stage in the future - I couldn't recommend Chelsea more!"

Spencer, Singer-Songwriter

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Meet Chelsea

My name is Chelsea LaJoye and I am a vocal coach and singing teacher who works with emerging vocal artists. In my studio I strive to empower singers with tools and techniques that expand their artistic choices and help them experience singing in a new and exciting way. I am a lifelong singer with training in musical theatre and classical styles, and my continued training is in popular singing styles. Most of the singers I work with are being coached on their original music or covers of songs that inspire them. I love vocal coaching, and I’m deeply grateful to all the singers that I’ve gotten to work with, for sharing their talents and their stories with me.

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Work with Chelsea

Work with Chelsea



Group Coaching

  • 1-hour weekly sessions, up to 4 people per group

  • Session recordings

  • Vocal exercises

  • Opportunities for individual feedback

1:1 Private Coaching

  • 1-hour or 30-minute weekly sessions

  • Session recordings

  • Personalized goals and vocal exercises

  • Submit additional recordings for mid-week feedback

  • Make-up sessions offered with notice

  • Lesson notes and assignments

  • Library of vocal exercises

  • Song suggestions and sheet music 


$175 or $325

Want to discuss the coaching option that's right for you? Book a free call! We can work together to find the most empowering version for you.

Intro Call
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